Sourcing a competent, entertaining speaker is a daunting challenge for many conference and event organizers.

‘We need to find someone, different, yet relevant.’
‘We need someone with a proven track record.’
‘We need someone dependable, who won’t embarrass our audience or bring our organization into disrepute.’
‘We need someone who understands what we want, who we are, and is prepared to work with us.’
‘We want to improve the performance and resilience of our team’

These are common observations of clients around the world.

Arranging a new speaker is like ordering food at a new restaurant, you’re never quite sure of what it’s going to be like, until you taste it, and by then it may be too late.

I have presented to audiences across the world in both the corporate and Not-For-Profit sectors. Some of my audiences are listed below, and there are some video testimonials on the home page.

If you need a reliable, experienced and competent speaker for your next conference, event or retreat, to teach, encourage or motivate, I can help.

Your investment can be as little as AUD 5000 plus GST where applicable, and travel.

My job is to make your job easy, and make you look good™.

Fill in your details below, right now, and let’s talk.

Events Neil has presented at:

  • National Transport Insurance Retreat, Brisbane
  • Bandag Manufacturing Conference, Port Macquarie
  • Engineers Australia Dinner, Toowoomba
  • Bayer Chemical Conference, Gold Coast
  • Commercial Vehicle Industry Association Queensland Awards Dinner, Brisbane
  • Shipping Australia, Brisbane
  • ATA Technical & Maintenance Conference, Phillip Island
  • Richie Brothers Auctions Retreat, Gold Coast
  • Cummins South Pacific Retreat, Melbourne
  • Australian Institute of Company Directors, Toowoomba
  • Queensland Government ‘Make Training Pay’ Forum Brisbane
  • Queensland Government ‘Chain of Responsibility’ Forum Brisbane
  • National Marine Safety Conference, Sydney
  • Local Government Association Queensland Conference, Brisbane
  • Road Freight Association Conference, Fancourt, South Africa
  • Transport Certification Australia Retreat, Melbourne
  • South Australian Farmers Federation Conference, Adelaide
  • Leadership Training, Chandigarh, India
  • Leadership Training, Nepalganj, Nepal
  • E-Transport Conference, Melbourne
  • Australian Trucking Association Conference, Hobart
  • Australian Trucking Association Conference, Canberra
  • NatRoad Conference, Coffs Harbor
  • NSW Road Transport Association Conference, Gosford
  • Tranznet Conference, Brisbane
  • Grain Trans Conference, Sydney
  • Road Safety Forum, Sandown, Melbourne
  • Australian Wheat Board Forum, Melbourne
  • Lusty-EMS Conference, Brisbane
  • Commercial Vehicle Industry Association Queensland ComVec Forum, Brisbane
  • China International CIO Summit, Suzhou
  • Queensland Agricultural Merchants AGM
  • Christian Management Association annual conference