QTLC Freight in Focus Breakfast Seminar

The Queensland Transport & Logistics Council have announced the first of a series of Freight in Focus breakfast seminars.

All components of supply chains are vulnerable to inefficiencies related to delays, scheduling issues and reduced capacity, particularly when there are multiple supply chain partners or multiple supply chains using common infrastructure.

Understanding and coordinating the interface between internal participants and across supply chains is critical to optimizing capacity and performance of the freight system and overall supply chain productivity.

Misalignment between supply chain participants can result in suboptimal infrastructure operation and increased operating costs.

Supply chain coordination is a strategic response to the challenges of multiple participant supply chains and those sharing common infrastructure and services.

This seminar will cover:

• the importance of optimizing capacity and performance of freight systems by aligning and coordinating supply chains

• the benefits delivered by existing supply chain coordination models

• the opportunities for Queensland to maximize freight opportunities by coordinating our supply chains

The event, to be held at the Victoria Park Golf Course on April 9th 2014, focuses on Unlocking Efficiency and Productivity Through Supply Chain Coordination.

For more information or to book your seats, visit the QTLC website www.qtlc.com.au

QTLC are delighted to announce keynote speakers for this event are:

Steve Gunn & Sal Petroccitto

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