Australian Politics, and the Law of Scarcity

Brisbane October 12th 2012 The law of scarcity states when a person perceives that something or someone they want is in limited quantity, then the perceived value of that which they desire is greater than if it were overly abundant. … Continued

Australian Smart Trucks reach milestone

Melbourne October 3rd 2012. Source NTC Australia A scheme to encourage the take-up of safe higher-productivity heavy vehicles has reached a significant milestone with the approval of over 1000 heavy vehicle combinations since its inception. National Transport Commission (NTC) Chief … Continued

Friday Comment. Analysts: Market Reporters or Manipulators?

This week we have witnessed again what is becoming something of a trend: a major company records increases in sales volumes, sales values and yet their share prices fall because they failed to meet the expectations placed upon them by analysts. In what is seemingly a paradox, one has to wonder whether the performance of a company is really what determines its fortunes, or whether they are being blown around by the winds of forces beyond their control, and certainly beyond their interests. To this end, one has to wonder whether the role of analysts has been blurred, to the point where they are no longer merely reporting what is happening in the market, but actively seeking to influence what is to happen.

Directors’ papers blown away by iPad revolution

Directors’ papers blown away by iPad revolution by: Mitchell Bingemann.  From:The Australian   July 07, 201212:00AM The days of having to ‘cut down two trees just to host a board meeting are over’, says Neil Findlay Source: The Australian  AUSTRALIA’S love affair with … Continued

The most overvalued in the world!

The most overvalued in the world!