Extreme Value Website for Trailer, Caravan Sellers

Brisbane December 24th 2012

A Queensland based website has launched a suite of new capabilities calculated to provide  improved customer interface and in the words of a company spokesperson, extreme value for users.

The developers seem to have addressed many of the perennial bugbears for users of marketing websites.

.Trailer, caravans, trailer sales, caravan sales, trailer marketing, caravan marketing,Historically, operators of digital media have struggled to provide value for users, and adequate return for the operators at he same time.

Typically, websites have placed the customer experience and value behind their efforts to monetize their site.

This has led to some sites focus being on every possible way to ‘up sell’ users into a higher yielding product offering, whilst not being too concerned about customer value.

A spokesperson for Used Trailers spoke today about some of the extreme value options available on the site, saying that ‘customer value had to be the first objective, and margins would flow naturally once customers were looked after.’

‘Marketing is really only information sharing; the challenge being to get the right information onto the radar of the right people, and digital media is rapidly overtaking conventional media for this information sharing.

‘The rise and rise of smart phone and tablet usage is only serving to cement this trend’ the spokesperson said.

‘Despite digital media being more cost-effective to deliver, many buyers and sellers of caravans and trailers have faced significant cost penalties in recent years when marketing their products, even via digital means.

‘In seeking to provide extreme value for users one of our goals was to keep prices as low as possible, and product offering as comprehensive as possible.

‘To this end we offer our unique Five Ads Free-For-All; All users, whether commercial or private users can post up to five ads for free at any one time, with full functionality including editing and image uploads.

‘Most data for ads is preset, so the user merely has to point n click to select, saving lots of time and effort.

‘Additionally, free ‘Trailer Wanted’ ads can be posted by any user for any type of trailer on the site.

The site can be viewed here.

Further information can be found here or enquiries can be directed to 0418 718025


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