Australian Politics and Parliamentary Behaviour

Brisbane October 17th 2012

The performance of the Australian Federal Parliament in recent weeks descended even further than what was considered possible; that is, from being merely shambolic and dysfunctional, it has descended to the depths of utter farce.

Participants in this debacle have included elements of all political persuasion, from all parties and ranks, including independents.

Consider for a moment that we actually pay these people to behave like this.

Neil Findlay, Australian Parliament, Political Correctness, There  appears to now be no limits to the degree of partisan brinkmanship-or is that brinkpersonship– just so that even I don’t get accused of Political Incorrectness.

That we can even jest about political correctness says there are deeper issues in play; indeed, the very word politically correct has lost its meaning and relevance in this paradigm of vitriol, abuse and lack of common courtesy.

This week has seen such a complete and utter dearth of focus on running the affairs of the nation, in favour of placing politics before progress that the Parliament, perhaps even the nation is becoming an embarrassment.

Global reporting of the antics of our most senior leaders would support this claim; is Canberra to be known and associated world-wide for this type of behaviour?

Such is the absolute desperation on the part of our political parties-and for that matter independent members that it seems no behaviour is off-limits; no language too offensive; and no tactic too nasty.

This lack of focus at a time when global financial and political challenges abound simply defies logic.

Clearly, it is time for our leaders to do just that: lead.

The question must be asked, given the behaviour that our leaders demonstrate, do they really, seriously expect anyone to have respect for them, or to support them.

All elements of Australian Federal politics have in recent weeks done themselves, and ourselves, a grave disservice by behaving in the way they have.

Excuses are no longer acceptable; this behaviour is not good enough; enough is enough!

Nothing short of complete apologies and meaningful, behavioural improvement will suffice to reinstate some measure of honour and integrity to the house.


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