QTLC Freight in Focus Breakfast Seminar

The Queensland Transport & Logistics Council have announced the first of a series of Freight in Focus breakfast seminars. All components of supply chains are vulnerable to inefficiencies related to delays, scheduling issues and reduced capacity, particularly when there are … Continued


Performance Based Standards (PBS) high productivity road freight vehicles are revolutionizing Australian supply chains. Over 15 years champions from industry, community and Australia’s National Transport Commission have worked together to develop the 16 rigorous standards that a PBS vehicle must … Continued

Extreme Value Website for Trailer, Caravan Sellers

Brisbane December 24th 2012 A Queensland based website has launched a suite of new capabilities calculated to provide  improved customer interface and in the words of a company spokesperson, extreme value for users. The developers seem to have addressed many … Continued

The Most Influential Australian Who Ever Lived

Article Courtesy of Callum Newman, of Money Morning The most influential Aussie who ever lived The greatest Australian you’ve never heard of is William Knox D’Arcy. In August this year the Queensland State Government inducted D’Arcy into its Business Leaders … Continued

Australian Politics and Parliamentary Behaviour

Brisbane October 17th 2012 The performance of the Australian Federal Parliament in recent weeks descended even further than what was considered possible; that is, from being merely shambolic and dysfunctional, it has descended to the depths of utter farce. Participants in this debacle have … Continued