The 2016 Australian Federal Election: 2 Days On

The 2016 Australian Federal election has produced a cliff-hanger result. There are many winners and losers, but ultimately it seems the Australian people are the biggest losers. Media elements are clearly the winners, given such a tight result keeps people … Continued

Sworn In One Day, Sworn At The Next. Politics Australian Style.

  Sworn in one day, sworn at the next, this is politics Australian style. The fate of modern Australian political parties and the politics they are engaged in is not one to be envied. No sooner does a given party … Continued

Sydney 2014: Freedom Is Never Free

Most people aspire to freedom. That ability and capability to think, speak and travel, to work and worship wherever and whenever they choose is a cherished asset for many in the world today. To be, and to feel safe whilst … Continued

Only Those Who Can Manage Change Can Manage Their Future

There are three kinds of people in the world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened. Author unsure, but attributed to Mary Kay Ash Awareness of Change is Essential. How do you … Continued

Delivering a WOW Presentation: Developing the Speaker Within You

Delivering a WoW Presentation. Whenever someone refers to or recounts the highlights of a WOW address to us we instantly imagine one of those hugely successful addresses where the speaker held their audience spell-bound, followed by enthusiastic applause and accolades. But … Continued