Reading Between The Lines

The 2016 Australian Federal Election: 2 Days On

The 2016 Australian Federal election has produced a cliff-hanger result. There are many winners and losers, but ultimately it seems the Australian people are the biggest losers. Media elements are clearly the winners, given such a tight result keeps people … Continued

Sworn In One Day, Sworn At The Next. Politics Australian Style.

  Sworn in one day, sworn at the next, this is politics Australian style. The fate of modern Australian political parties and the politics they are engaged in is not one to be envied. No sooner does a given party … Continued

Sydney 2014: Freedom Is Never Free

Most people aspire to freedom. That ability and capability to think, speak and travel, to work and worship wherever and whenever they choose is a cherished asset for many in the world today. To be, and to feel safe whilst … Continued

Cancer Risk Link to Night Time Light Exposure

CIRCADIAN® ZircLight Developing Healthy Light at Night by CIRCADIAN on Monday, August 04, 2014 CIRCADIAN® announced today that it has acquired controlling stake in ZircLight™ Inc., which holds the core intellectual property rights to LED lighting systems, eyewear and computer … Continued

Budget 2014 Shock! Gravy Train Concessions Withdrawn

That Australia, the nation, was living and spending beyond its means is not in dispute; well actually it is disputed by some who were happily and blissfully riding the gravy train. The real problem, buried as it is in the … Continued

When The Music Stops: The Dilemma Facing Australian Governments

In the classic party game musical chairs, the music seems to play on forever with everyone lost in the revelry and atmosphere of the moment; then, suddenly, the music stops and everyone is left scrambling for a chair to claim as … Continued

The Value of Life in 2014: It’s All Relative. Reading Between The Lines

Today’s media are obsessed with the trial of Oscar Pitorius and circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Reeva Steenkamp. There are currently few news bulletins failing to update this case. That this was anything but a tragic and heinous crime … Continued

Pigs May Fly: But Australian Owned Airlines May Not. Reading Between The Lines

Pigs May Fly. I have been, and am, a loyal Qantas customer. It is then with some reservation that I view the current turmoil surrounding Qantas, and for that matter Australian airlines in general. The current tsunami of retrenchments, bad news and general … Continued

The Church: Abuser, or Abused. Reading Between The Lines

The Church: Abuser, or Abused.   Seemingly, every day, further evidence emerges of the malfeasance of Australian clergy, particularly in regard to child abuse. In some cases this abuse, and alleged abuse, was long-term in nature and involved breaching and … Continued

The Cost of Carbon: Reading Between The Lines

The Cost of Carbon. Barely a day goes by without noisy climate change advocates promoting some new ‘evidence’ that the Evil Carbon is destroying our planet; declaring the best solution is to tax businesses more; whip them into submission; and enforce … Continued