Only Those Who Can Manage Change Can Manage Their Future

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There are three kinds of people in the world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened. Author unsure, but attributed to Mary Kay Ash

Awareness of Change is Essential.

How do you feel when all those things that you had got accustomed to, that you were conversant with, and skilled in… change? The software that got upgraded again; the regulations that just got changed; or the mobile phone that is now obsolete and can’t be serviced.

One of life’s great challenges is that of continual change. We seem hardly settled into a comfortable routine, where we can relax and not have to think too hard about our daily lives, when it all changes (again).

If only it were like the seasons that are at least semi-predictable, then we could schedule changes to our life. But in reality change happens sporadically, unpredictably and incessantly; just when we thought it was all settled.

Being aware that change is happening around us is essential to reduce risk, to best position ourselves, and critically, to be prepared for opportunity.

Acceptance of Change is Non-Negotiable

Being aware of change is a pre-requisite to surviving it, but actually accepting the fact that it is happening is another. Acknowledging the fact that our world is not the same as yesterday and most definitely will not be the same tomorrow is key to ensuring we have control over the shifting sands that surround us.

It will serve no good purpose to live in denial, to ignore change, to be delusional about its impact on our lives or to fight it at every opportunity.

All of us know people who live in the past and seem unable or unwilling to adjust to new things, processes and ways of life. Yet without acceptance of change our future will be bleak at least.

Accepting the fact of change is essential.

Agreeing to Change is Pivotal

Recognising that change is happening, and accepting the fact, are the foundational to a strong future but we must go further that these: we must agree with change and not be reluctant or belligerent in our responses to it.

We can choose to be either a victim of change, or an agent of change in our circumstances and environment; it’s our choice.

The stakes are too high to be one of those who resist change; who fight it and seek to remain in the good old days!

Change can be our friend if we choose to make it so, but we should never forget that it’s our choice, and we must have our head in the right space (not in the sand) in order to optimise our performance and outcomes.

Taking Action is Vital

The best of intentions will take us nowhere without action.

The best education, preparation, resources and networks, whilst all are important are of little use until, and unless we take action to change the way things are; and sometimes it requires drastic, radical action!

Change will not happen, our future will remain out of control, and our latent potential unrealised until we harness our ambitions and put them to work!

Taking action will necessitate adapting ourselves to a whole new way of doing things, and maybe, doing life.

This will require all of the steps mentioned already, but also entail a willingness, no, an enthusiasm to do things differently, to not be shackled by the limitations we have faced and endured thus far.

New technologies, systems, practises and possibly new relationships will become our mantra.

Along with these must come the ability and willingness to jettison the old ways we have become accustomed to and comfortable with.

This may be tough, and involve discomfort along the way, but the goals are there for all of us if we commit to changing how we do things and taking action.

Adapting to Change is a Constant

Finally, when we have made progress and seem to be on top of the wave, there comes an imperative to tune our antennae for the slightest scent of complacency, or smugness; to be on guard!

Be alert for more change, more challenges as they arise, but even more importantly, greater opportunities coming our way.

If we can successfully and effectively manage change, we can manage the future and all it throws at us, including opportunities beyond our dreams.

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