Pigs May Fly: But Australian Owned Airlines May Not. Reading Between The Lines

Pigs May Fly. I have been, and am, a loyal Qantas customer. It is then with some reservation that I view the current turmoil surrounding Qantas, and for that matter Australian airlines in general. The current tsunami of retrenchments, bad news and general … Continued

The Church: Abuser, or Abused. Reading Between The Lines

The Church: Abuser, or Abused.   Seemingly, every day, further evidence emerges of the malfeasance of Australian clergy, particularly in regard to child abuse. In some cases this abuse, and alleged abuse, was long-term in nature and involved breaching and … Continued

The Cost of Carbon: Reading Between The Lines

The Cost of Carbon. Barely a day goes by without noisy climate change advocates promoting some new ‘evidence’ that the Evil Carbon is destroying our planet; declaring the best solution is to tax businesses more; whip them into submission; and enforce … Continued

How Best to INCREASE Australia’s Unemployment. #1

How Best to Increase Australia’s Unemployment #1. One of Australia’s enduring legacies is crumbling infrastructure, following decades of underinvestment, and in some cases a century of impaired foresight. Shackled by the curse of short electoral cycles, and the ever-present threat of … Continued

Australia’s Property Crash: Reading Between The Lines

Australia’s Property Crash. Fellow economic disaster proponents Harry Dent and Professor Steve Keen routinely predict a cataclysmic Australian property crash.. soon. Always… soon. Together the dynamic duo espouse their financial theories with gay abandon (a quaint old term, I know) in … Continued