Cancer Risk Link to Night Time Light Exposure

CIRCADIAN® ZircLight Developing Healthy Light at Night by CIRCADIAN on Monday, August 04, 2014 CIRCADIAN® announced today that it has acquired controlling stake in ZircLight™ Inc., which holds the core intellectual property rights to LED lighting systems, eyewear and computer … Continued

Making The World a Better Place: Learn How You Can Too

An interview with Chicago based Melissa Heisler from The Empowerment Show aired June 9th 2014 Link to full interview: Neil Findlay is Making the World a Better Place – Learn How You Can Too Neil Findlay says he is just, … Continued

Budget 2014 Shock! Gravy Train Concessions Withdrawn

That Australia, the nation, was living and spending beyond its means is not in dispute; well actually it is disputed by some who were happily and blissfully riding the gravy train. The real problem, buried as it is in the … Continued

When The Music Stops: The Dilemma Facing Australian Governments

In the classic party game musical chairs, the music seems to play on forever with everyone lost in the revelry and atmosphere of the moment; then, suddenly, the music stops and everyone is left scrambling for a chair to claim as … Continued

The Value of Life in 2014: It’s All Relative. Reading Between The Lines

Today’s media are obsessed with the trial of Oscar Pitorius and circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Reeva Steenkamp. There are currently few news bulletins failing to update this case. That this was anything but a tragic and heinous crime … Continued